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    Posted on May 8, 2016 by Hamidul Islam in liferay 7.


    aimThe Apache Felix Web Console is a simple tool to inspect and manage OSGi framework instances using our favorite Web Browser. In our previous article we have written about Apache Felix Gogo shell in Liferay 7. However Gogo shell is command based shell to interact with the module framework. Its also possible to use web based console to interact with module framework. In this article we will explain how to access Apache Felix Web Console in Liferay 7.

    If you have basic knowledge of Gogo shell then this article simple enough to understand. However if Gogo Shell is new for you then we advice you to go through the below article

    How To Access Gogo Shell in Liferay 7

    1. By default is Apache Felix Web Console accessible in Liferay 7?

    Answer: No

    2. So how can I access Apache Felix Web Console in Liferay 7?

    Answer: You need to install one osgi bundle which will enable the web console.

    3. Whats the name of that bundle?

    Answer: The name of the bundle is Web Console (all-in-one bundle).

    4. From where can I download Web Console (all-in-one bundle)?

    Answer: The bundle can be downloaded from http://felix.apache.org/downloads.cgi

    5. How to install Web Console (all-in-one bundle)?

    Answer: The bundle can be installed directly by using  Gogo shell if you have internet access. The link location of the bundle is http://mirror.fibergrid.in/apache//felix/org.apache.felix.webconsole-4.2.14-all.jar . Execute the below command in Gogo shell

    install  http://mirror.fibergrid.in/apache//felix/org.apache.felix.webconsole-4.2.14-all.jar

    After successful installation it will return Bundle ID.


    6. I already have org.apache.felix.webconsole-4.2.14-all.jar file in my locale machine. How can I install it?
    Answer: We can also install bundle from local machine using Gogo shell. Here is the syntax of the command

    install file:/H:/osgi-examples-workspace/org.apache.felix.webconsole-4.2.14-all.jar

    Note : Modify the path according to your system.


    7. We have installed the required bundle. Now can we access the web console?

    Answer: No. After installation of an OSGI bundle we must start the bundle using the Bundle ID. Initially the status of the bundle would be Installed. So we need to start the bundle. Below is the command

    start 518

    Where 518 is the Bundle ID. In your case it may be different. After starting the bundle the status would change to Active. That means the bundle is ready to use. Below are the sequential commands we have executed to ensure that the bundle has been started


    8. That's all we need do. So how will we access the web console?

    Answer: Open your browser and access below URL


    It will ask for user name and password. By default both User Name as well as Password is admin. Below is the look of the web console.


    Now we can do all the activities like install, uninstall, refresh etc. using this web console.

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