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    Posted on February 8, 2014 by Hamidul Islam in .


    Its too easy to install liferay. Just you have to download liferay bundle like bundle with tomcat or bundle with Glassfish or bundle with JBoss or so on. Liferay tomcat bundle is the most popular one and very easy to configure.

    In this site Liferay tomcat bundle and windows operating system is taken into consideration.

    After unzipping the tomcat bundle you will see below directories inside your unzipped folder. Click the below image to see the directory list.


    Go inside  \tomcat-7.0.27\bin and double click on startup.bat . It will open new console displaying that your liferay tomcat server is starting. Once liferay is started it will launch automatically your default web browser. For the first time to log into the portal use below credential

    User Name: test@liferay.com     

    Password: test

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