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  • Liferay Portlet Show Caps Lock On for Password Field

    While dealing with password field its always better to intimate user if the caps lock is on. Showing Caps Lock on status is very important for better user experience. In this article we will show how to use liferay alloy script to accomplish this task. Say below is the password filed Consider that user is […]

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  • Liferay Auto Fields Example

    Liferay Auto Fields is an Alloy component which is used in many places in Liferay existing portlets. Using Liferay Auto Fields we can add multiple fields in a form. In this article we will try to understand whats Liferay Auto Fields and how it can be used in our custom portlet. We will create a […]

  • Alloy Ajax in Liferay Portlet

    Liferay serveResource and alloy aui-io-request module made Ajax easy to implement in Liferay Portlet. If you have basic knowledge of Ajax and you want to learn how ajax call happens by Alloy A.io.request method then this article can help you to understand inside out. At the end of this article you will be able to know how A.io.request  works and what's the […]

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  • Alloy Form Validation Part 1

    You need client side validations. Only vanilla java script is not enough. You might used jQuery, Ext JS or some other third party javascript framework. If you use alloy form fields then there is no need of any third party JS framework to validate your form fields before submitting the data. No need of any […]

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  • Liferay Alloy UI

      Aim of this Article: Liferay AUI Taglib provides various tag for faster UI development. This article explains the different liferay alloy ui tags and its uses.       In the left these are the available aui tags which are ready to use in our code. Most widely used tags are aui:form aui:input aui:button […]

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  • Liferay Alloy UI Character Counter

    Aim of this article: Use Liferay Alloy UI to display character counter. Whats character counter: Consider you have text area in your portlet and user should be allowed to enter only specific number characters. Say maximum number of characters can be entered is 150.   As you type in the text area you will be able […]

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