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  • Open Gogo Shell Using Liferay IDE

    In one of my previous article I have explained how to access Gogo Shell. However its also possible to open Gogo Shell using Liferay IDE. In Liferay the Gogo Shell can be used to interact Liferay Portal's module framework. Step 1: Install Liferay IDE Step 2: Add Liferay Portal as Server Runtime in the IDE Step […]

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  • Liferay 7 Portlet Creation using Liferay IDE

    Prior to  Liferay 7  we used either Plugin SDK or maven for portlet creation. Liferay 7 has introduced the concept of OSGI where we can avoid Plugin SDK.In OSGI everything is treated as module. In this article I will explain how to create a sample portlet using Liferay IDE. The sample portlet would be nothing but OSGI […]

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