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  • Liferay Custom Authentication by Hook

    By using Authentication Pipeline we can write our own custom authentication logic. We can conditionally validate user based on some condition. In this article we will create our custom Authenticator implementing liferay com.liferay.portal.security.auth.Authenticator interface in the form of Hook. 1.   liferay-hook.xml 2.portal.properties This classes i.e., CustomAuthenticator will run  before or after the portal authentication […]

  • AuthType:3 Ways to Login Liferay

    In this article we will see whats authtype in Liferay. Authtype is simply authentication type in liferay portal. When we login into liferay portal we use liferay out of box sign in portlet. This sign in portlet use authType String to determine the type authentication. Liferay uses 3 types of authentication to login. These are […]


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