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  • Liferay Portlet Show Caps Lock On for Password Field

    While dealing with password field its always better to intimate user if the caps lock is on. Showing Caps Lock on status is very important for better user experience. In this article we will show how to use liferay alloy script to accomplish this task. Say below is the password filed Consider that user is […]

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  • Getting Started with Angular JS

    Angular JS is open source web application framework. Its commonly known as Angular or Angular.js. Some important highlights of this framework¬† The first version AngularJS is 1.0 released in 2012 Angular JS is JavaScript framework like jQuery, Ext JS etc. Angular JS mainly developed and maintained by Google Angular JS is based on the MVC […]

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  • Liferay JavaScript Tips

    ¬† JavaScript plays a vital role in Liferay development. JavaScripts are widely used in portlets and themes. While developing in Liferay sometimes you need JavaScript to submit a portlet page or you need to call process action from your Javascript functions. This article provides some basic JavaScript tips which will be very useful in your […]

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