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  • Liferay Custom Authentication by Hook

    By using Authentication Pipeline we can write our own custom authentication logic. We can conditionally validate user based on some condition. In this article we will create our custom Authenticator implementing liferay interface in the form of Hook. 1.   liferay-hook.xml This classes i.e., CustomAuthenticator will run  before or after the portal authentication […]

  • Add Custom Field Capability To Custom Portlet

    Custom Field is one of the nice feature in Liferay Portal. Using Custom Field we can easily add extra fields to the Entities which are generated by Liferay Service Builder Tool. In this article we will enable custom field feature  for custom portlet. Once this feature is enabled we will be able to manage custom […]

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  • Control Panel Portlet:Move a Portlet to Control Panel

    As a Liferay Portal developer we know whats Control Panel. Sometimes we need to develop a portlet which should be only available in the Control Panel but not in other places. In this article we will show how to move a custom built portlet to the control panel. We will try to convert or move […]

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  • Explore Liferay Asset Tag

    Tag is an important tool in Liferay. Using Asset Tag we can organize content in the portal. We can assign Tag while creating new asset or in the existing assets in Liferay Portal. After that we can search assets by associated Tag. In this article we will try to explore Liferay Asset Tag. 1. What […]

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  • Liferay Custom Portlet To Change Password

    In this article we will create a custom portlet to change liferay password. Sometimes we need our own functionality to change liferay credentials. For example consider you working on user management where you want user to update their own password. This article is a quick recipe to build our own custom portlet to change password […]

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  • AuthType:3 Ways to Login Liferay

    In this article we will see whats authtype in Liferay. Authtype is simply authentication type in liferay portal. When we login into liferay portal we use liferay out of box sign in portlet. This sign in portlet use authType String to determine the type authentication. Liferay uses 3 types of authentication to login. These are […]

  • Liferay Portlet Show Caps Lock On for Password Field

    While dealing with password field its always better to intimate user if the caps lock is on. Showing Caps Lock on status is very important for better user experience. In this article we will show how to use liferay alloy script to accomplish this task. Say below is the password filed Consider that user is […]

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  • Liferay Auto Fields Example

    Liferay Auto Fields is an Alloy component which is used in many places in Liferay existing portlets. Using Liferay Auto Fields we can add multiple fields in a form. In this article we will try to understand whats Liferay Auto Fields and how it can be used in our custom portlet. We will create a […]

  • Liferay Live Users Session

    Some times we need to monitor liferay live users session. In liferay, monitoring live users is very straight forward. We no need to do any extra coding for it. Only one property can enable liferay live users sessions and from the control panel we will be able to monitor each user.  Note : By default […]

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  • Liferay Portlet Configuration Page

    Liferay Portlet Configuration Page is just an interface where we can configure the portlet in run time. In run time we can configure a portlet just by few clicks. Liferay Portlet Configuration Page uses preferences to store configuration information. In this article we will discuss various interesting facts about Liferay Portlet Configuration Page. By the end […]

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