Handle Transaction

Liferay Service Builder is one of the great tool to auto generate code to interact with database. How to handle Transaction....

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Application Display Template

Liferay Application Display Template (ADT) is a new feature which is added in Liferay 6.2. Read more...

Search Container Sorting

Liferay Search Container is the great way to display your data in a grid format with nice pagination. Read more...

CRUD Operations

In this article we will explain how to perform CRUD Operations in liferay Custom Portlet. Read more...

Sass and Compass

Sass and Compass were introduced in Liferay Portal 6.1. This article explains the sass and compass. Read more ...

  • Liferay Dynamic Query API

    Liferay Dynamic Query API is one of the best API to fetch data from database in  object oriented fashion.Liferay provides many API to fetch data from […]

  • Liferay Create Account Customization by hook

    Aim of this article:
    Customize Liferay Create account functionality using Liferay hooks.
    Sign In Portlet
    Create Account
    Look the above screen. The above screen is the create […]

  • Portlet Define Objects

    While developing portlet in Liferay we widely use Portlet Define Objects tag in our JSP code. In this article we will try to understand the use of Portlet Define Objects  […]

  • Liferay liferay-ui:tabs

    Liferay Tabs
    Aim of this article:
    Understand the basic use of liferay-ui:tabs tag in a portlet.

    Note 1:  Below line should be there in your JSP […]

  • Liferay Expando API

    Aim of this article:
    Understand the Liferay Expando API. In this article we will dynamically add different attributes for User Entity using Liferay Expando services. 
    Whats […]

  • Liferay Alloy UI Character Counter

    Aim of this article:
    Use Liferay Alloy UI to display character counter.
    Whats character counter:
    Consider you have text area in your portlet and user should […]

  • Liferay Search Container by Liferay IDE

    Aim of this article:
    In this article we are demonstrating how quickly we can use Liferay Search Container feature in JSP using Liferay IDE.
    A […]

  • Liferay Portlet Localization

    Aim of this article:
    How to localize liferay portlet. We are going to develop a custom portlet which explain how to localize our portlet.

     Why need […]

  • Liferay Alloy UI Basics

    Aim of this article: Understand the basics of Liferay Alloy UI.

    Alloy UI:
    AlloyUI is a UI framework built on the top of YUI3 (Yahoo UI) […]

  • Custom Velocity Variables

    Aim of this article: Add custom velocity by hook.
    Use of Custom Velocity Variables:  We will be able to use custom velocity variable directly in the […]

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