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  • Liferay 7/Liferay DXP theme development by Maven

    The theme development approach drastically changed in Liferay 7 (DXP). In liferay 6.2 we could easily develop child theme from existing parent theme like classic theme. However its not straight forward in liferay DXP. Along with liferay 7 it has introduced various tool and technologies like node, npm, OSGI, blade CLI etc.  Theme development in liferay […]

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  • Liferay Theme Settings

    Liferay Theme Settings allow us to configure theme in the run time. We can define liferay theme settings for a custom theme and configure theme. Liferay theme settings are defined as key-value pairs in the liferay-look-and-feel.xml file of the theme.Below is the syntax of  liferay theme settings Why we need Theme Settings? Suppose we have […]

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  • jQuery in Liferay Portal

    By default jQuery is not added in Liferay. But there is a way to add jQuery in Liferay. This articles basically explains how to add third party JavaScript (JS)  libraries in Liferay portal. In earlier version of liferay, jQuery was available  by default. But when alloy was introduced the jQuery stuffs were removed . Still many […]

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  • Sass and Compass in Liferay Theme

    Sass and Compass were introduced in Liferay Portal 6.1. This article explains the sass and compass in Liferay theme development. At the end of this article you will be able to understand the concept of sass and compass in Liferay. If we understand the basics of sass and compass then our theme development will be more […]

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  • Liferay Theme and Velocity Template

    Without Velocity Templates we can not think of Liferay Theme development. Though there are FTL (FreeMarker Template Language) also available for theme development, velocity template is more popular. This article is explains the basics of velocity templates and its uses in liferay theme. While developing liferay theme we need to deal with lots of velocity […]

  • Basic Liferay Theme Development

    Liferay Theme Development is the main aim of this article. Liferay Theme controls the whole look and feel of the portal. When we log into the portal we can see many sections like navigation bar, dockbar, logo, footer etc. These all are part of liferay theme. Liferay Theme Development becomes more easier if you are good […]

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