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  • Liferay Portlet Session Attribute

    Once you deploy a portlet, a session will be associated with your portlet WAR. In simple language a portlet session is nothing but a java object where we can set attribute and later one we can retrieve attribute value from the session object. This article explains¬† the use of portlet session in Liferay Portlet. This […]

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  • IPC by Public Render Parameter

    Inter Portlet Communication (IPC) can be implemented in different ways. In this article IPC is demonstrated using public render parameter. According to JSR 168(Portlet Specification 1.0) ¬†there is no concept of public render parameter. In JSR 286 (Portlet Specification 2.0) concept of public render parameter is introduced. An ordinary parameter can be declared as public […]

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  • Inter Portlet Communication(IPC) by Event

    Event based IPC was introduced in JSR 286. According to JSR 286 a portlet can generate event and another portlet can receive the event. This article explains the event based IPC between two portlets. Two portlets are downloadable at the end of this article. One portlet is responsible for event generation and another portlet is […]

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