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  • Liferay 7/Liferay DXP theme development by Maven

    The theme development approach drastically changed in Liferay 7 (DXP). In liferay 6.2 we could easily develop child theme from existing parent theme like classic theme. However its not straight forward in liferay DXP. Along with liferay 7 it has introduced various tool and technologies like node, npm, OSGI, blade CLI etc.  Theme development in liferay […]

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  • Context Contributor Concept in Liferay 7/DXP

    Context Contributor simply provides contextual information to template files like Velocity or Free Marker Template. Templates are widely used in Application Display Template (ADT), Web Content Display Portlet and Liferay Theme. Using Context Contributor we can write piece of code to inject contextual information which can be reused in various template files. In this article we […]

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  • Writing your first OSGI Service in Liferay 7

    In this article we will try to understand about OSI Service and its usage. In Liferay 7, OSGI plays a vital role. So its very important to understand the basics of OSGI Service. In this article we will create a basic OSGI service and in the next article we will create a portlet to consume […]

  • Open Gogo Shell Using Liferay IDE

    In one of my previous article I have explained how to access Gogo Shell. However its also possible to open Gogo Shell using Liferay IDE. In Liferay the Gogo Shell can be used to interact Liferay Portal's module framework. Step 1: Install Liferay IDE Step 2: Add Liferay Portal as Server Runtime in the IDE Step […]

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  • Liferay 7-OSGI Module – MVC Portlet by Maven

    Using Maven we can easily create OSGI module in Liferay 7. Liferay has already published many Maven Archetypes for creating OSGI based application. In this article we will show how to create a basic MVC Portlet using Maven as build tool. The archetype is capable of generating necessary source code compliance with OSGI specification. The portlet will […]

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