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  • Understanding Angularjs scope $rootScope and $scope

    In Angularjs Scope is simply a JavaScripe object . Scope is the glue between Angularjs controller and view. The scope holds all the model data required for the view to be displayed. In Angularjs the scope is hierarchical in nature. In this article we will explain the various aspects of Angularjs scopes. Whats scope in Angularjs: Angularjs […]

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  • Spring MVC CRUD Operations using Angularjs

    Angularjs can be easily used with Spring MVC. In this article we will explain how Spring MVC and Angularjs can be used together. All the CRUD operations of spring controller will be exposed as rest web service. From Angularjs controller we can easily invoke rest services to create, read, update and delete the data. Preparing Spring Rest […]

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  • Angular JS Expression

    In angular JS, expression starts with {{ and ends with }}. So an angular JS expression looks like {{expression}}. In this tutorial we will look into various examples of Angular JS Expressions. Explanation: In the above example the firstName and lastName are initialized.  The output of the above example is Full Name is:Hamidul Islam The […]

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  • Angular JS Directive

    AngularJS directives are used to extend HTML. Angular JS Directives starts with prefix ng-. In this article we will try to understand the use of below Angular JS Directives ng-app: It represents Angular JS Application ng-init: Its used for initializing application data ng-model : Binding data between elements data and application data ng-repeat: Its used for […]

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  • Getting Started with Angular JS

    Angular JS is open source web application framework. Its commonly known as Angular or Angular.js. Some important highlights of this framework  The first version AngularJS is 1.0 released in 2012 Angular JS is JavaScript framework like jQuery, Ext JS etc. Angular JS mainly developed and maintained by Google Angular JS is based on the MVC […]

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