• Required softwares

    Posted on February 8, 2014 by Hamidul Islam in .

    Required Softwares

    If you are interested to see the  only the features of liferay then at least below softwares are required

    • JRE (Java Runtime Environment)
    • Liferay tomcat bundle
    If you are new to liferay you might be thinking whats liferay tomcat bundle?
    Ans:  The Liferay Bundle is Liferay Portal pre-deployed and pre-configured on an application server. You simply download, unpack, and run. No configuration necessary, other than having Java runtime installed on your machine. It comes in many different varieties. The most common is the Tomcat bundle. If you try download liferay from liferay site you will see different types of liferay bundle

     For liferay development you need certain softwares to make your development easy. Below are the required softwares

    1. MySQL or any other database for your choice.

    2. Liferay Tomcat Bundle or any other liferay bundle.

    3. Plugin SDK.

    4. Eclipse with Liferay IDE.

    5. Any web browser like firefox, chrome, opera, IE

    6. Firebug add-ons for firefox for inspecting UI elements.


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