Handle Transaction

Liferay Service Builder is one of the great tool to auto generate code to interact with database. How to handle Transaction....

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Application Display Template

Liferay Application Display Template (ADT) is a new feature which is added in Liferay 6.2. Read more...

Search Container Sorting

Liferay Search Container is the great way to display your data in a grid format with nice pagination. Read more...

CRUD Operations

In this article we will explain how to perform CRUD Operations in liferay Custom Portlet. Read more...

Sass and Compass

Sass and Compass were introduced in Liferay Portal 6.1. This article explains the sass and compass. Read more ...

  • Liferay Web Content Display Portlet

    Liferay Web Content Display Portlet is one of the most widely used portlet to display content in the portal. To publish a basic web content […]

  • JSR 286 Portlet Life Cycle

    Beginners who just started learning java based portlet development for them its very important to understand whats portlet life cycle.Without knowing portlet life cycle its […]

  • Liferay Portlet Session Attribute

    Once you deploy a portlet, a session will be associated with your portlet WAR. In simple language a portlet session is nothing but a java […]

  • IPC by Public Render Parameter

    Inter Portlet Communication (IPC) can be implemented in different ways. In this article IPC is demonstrated using public render parameter. According to JSR 168(Portlet Specification […]

  • Inter Portlet Communication(IPC) by Event

    Event based IPC was introduced in JSR 286. According to JSR 286 a portlet can generate event and another portlet can receive the event. This […]

  • Alloy Ajax in Liferay Portlet

    Liferay serveResource and alloy aui-io-request module made Ajax easy to implement in Liferay Portlet. If you have basic knowledge of Ajax and you want to learn how […]

  • Liferay Theme Define Objects

    An use of single tag can provide you many predefined objects in your JSP. For liferay developer one most widely used tag is theme:defineObjects. It […]

  • Alloy Form Validation Part 1

    You need client side validations. Only vanilla java script is not enough. You might used jQuery, Ext JS or some other third party javascript framework. […]

  • Liferay Search Container Sorting

    Liferay Search Container is the great way to display your data in a grid format with nice pagination. One beauty of search container is that […]

  • Liferay Model Hints

    Aim of this Article:
    In this article I will show how we can define our own column size with the help of model hints. Model hints […]

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