Handle Transaction

Liferay Service Builder is one of the great tool to auto generate code to interact with database. How to handle Transaction....

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Application Display Template

Liferay Application Display Template (ADT) is a new feature which is added in Liferay 6.2. Read more...

Search Container Sorting

Liferay Search Container is the great way to display your data in a grid format with nice pagination. Read more...

CRUD Operations

In this article we will explain how to perform CRUD Operations in liferay Custom Portlet. Read more...

Sass and Compass

Sass and Compass were introduced in Liferay Portal 6.1. This article explains the sass and compass. Read more ...

  • CSS Media Queries

    CSS Media Queries are added in CSS3. Before CSS3, media queries were known as media types. Media queries are nothing but some sort of CSS syntax which […]

  • Liferay Custom SQL Example

    We know Liferay service builder tool which generate all our necessary stuffs to interact with database. By Liferay Custom SQL we can query database by […]

  • Singleton Class In Java

    Singleton Class In Java or Singleton Design Pattern is mostly asked in java interviews. In this article we will explain whats Singleton Design Pattern and […]

  • Design Patterns In Java

    One of my most interesting topic is "Design Patterns In Java". Along with Liferay articles I will publish articles on various Design Patterns In Java. […]

  • Concept of ClassPK in liferay

    ClassPK in Liferay can be confusing if its not understood properly. Along with classPK in liferay there is another term called classNameId which are commonly used. This […]

  • Inject Spring Bean into Liferay Impl Class

    To inject spring bean into Liferay Impl is quite straight forward. This article will explain how can we inject spring bean into Lifery Service class […]

  • Liferay Service Builder Finder Query

    Finder Query is used for finding something in database. Liferay Service builder tool provides a nice way to build our own Finder Query. In Liferay […]

  • CRUD Operations in Liferay Portlet

    In this article we will explain how to perform CRUD Operations in Liferay Custom Portlet. We will also explain the how to use service builder tool to […]

  • An introduction to Liferay Service Builder

    Liferay Service Builder is a tool which is generally used to generate code to interact with database. Liferay Service Builder auto generate service layer code […]

  • Access Liferay Services in Velocity Template

    We can access Liferay Services in velocity templates. We have many liferay services which sometimes required to access in velocity files.We know that a theme […]

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