About Me:

Welcome to ProLiferay. My name is Hamidul Islam and I am 36 years old residing in Bangalore, India. I am not a professional blogger. However I always fell happy to post new articles in my free time apart from my full time job. 

Why ProLiferay:

After completion of my Master Degree in Computers I started my career in 2007. I knew about C, C++, Java and other computer languages during my University days. But I never heard of Liferay Portal before. In my first job I got training for 3 months in Liferay Portal. That was just the beginning.Over the time I learned new technologies and other stuffs for web applications.

I liked Liferay Portal too much and I had been preparing many documents for important code snippets over the time. I always felt necessity of online documents so that I can refer those in my project works and that’s how hosting my own website came into my mind. In December, 2013, www.proliferay.com was launched.

In my initial days I always had some question while developing Liferay related things. I kept those questions in my mind. Over the time many questions got answered. Keeping all those questions in mind I am  just trying to make all the articles simpler so that readers can easily follow it.


author.proliferay@gmail.com                                                       contact-us



(+91) 80 95 18 54 42




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